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Triple Quest Announcement

July 31, 2015



Triple Quest announced today that NativeEnergy, a previous partner in carbon financing projects, has acquired the rights to produce and distribute the Hydraid water filter. Native Energy will continue to work with Cascade Engineering to manufacture the filter, while Triple Quest will cease operations.

Triple Quest was established as a joint venture between Cascade Engineering and The Windquest Group in 2009, to produce and distribute the Hydraid Water Filter for people around the world in need of safe water. Today there are over 75,000 Hydraid water filters in 46 countries. The partnership with NativeEnergy created an additional opportunity to improve environmental conditions, while continuing to provide clean water and enhance the personal health and hygiene of users worldwide.

This change will allow greater utilization of the Hydraid filter in carbon projects, increasing the positive impact this product has on the lives of those in greatest need. 

For filter sales and carbon financing inquiries please contact Kirsten McKnight at kirsten.mcknight@nativeenergy.com.